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Pioneering Rest



We look back on a fun and educational evening! Thanks to everyone who attended. Below, as promised, are the links to the available slides, if you, like us, would like to read back what was discussed.

Be part of the rust Revolution!

Let Lightyear and other experts inspire you and discover the benefits of using the Rust programming language in your R&D. In the opening talk we will take a closer look at what Rust can offer your organization and in the lightning talks we will discuss Rust and security and Rust and embedded software development.

The benefits of using Rest reign supreme, and for good reason. Get inspired by the Rust experts. They will talk about their experiences with Rust within different companies and projects. There is also room for questions about Rust.

This meetup is organized by the High Tech Software Cluster in partnership with Second wave. Second wave is Rust expert, silver member of the Rust Foundation and pushes the adoption of Rust in the Netherlands.


17.30: Walk-in & food (sponsored)
18.30: Opening and start first talk
20.10: End of talks & start drinks
21.30: End


  • 18.30: Welcome - Hugo van de Pol
  • 18.35: Opening: What's Rust all about - Dion DokterDion
    is an embedded software engineer at Second Wave.
  • 19.10: Lightning talk 1: To C or not to C - Jos WetzelsJos
    Wetzels is a security researcher at Midnight Blue and will show how they discovered 100+ vulnerabilities in 14 popular TCP/IP stacks, how they stem from the use of memory-unsafe languages and how use of a language like Rust can help reduce the risk of these types of vulnerabilities - and the associated costs.

  • 19:30: Lightning talk 2: Embedding Rust - Wouter Geraedts Wouter is a freelance embedded software and hardware developer and Rust expert. In his talk he answers the question: how can I use Rust in existing projects?
  • 19.50: Lightning talk 3: Rust at Lightyear - Jorrit SalverdaJorrit
    is a software architect at Lightyear and takes you through why Lightyear chose Rust what they are doing with it in the development of the Lightyear Core Platform.

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