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About us


The High Tech Software Cluster helps production and manufacturing companies digitize their production processes and create smart products.

If you are looking for quick and practical digitization solutions, our members can help!

The Software Competence Center at the Brainport Industries Campus is the physical place for you to meet our members, ask questions or experience the solutions that will help you. We can also find out for you which company best suits your needs.

Are you a software development company yourself? The High Tech Software Cluster is always looking for strongholds. Contact us for more information to join as one of the 30+ companies.


Smart Industry Fieldlab

The High Tech Software cluster belongs to the official Smart Industry Fieldlabs and is part of the innovation program 'Factory of the Future'.

Thus, we provide you with access to the latest knowledge, expertise and technology to support you in testing and experimenting with digital innovations.


Fieldlab VIA APPIA


The High Tech Software Cluster is participating in Fieldlab VIA APPIA.

The objective of fieldlab VIA APPIA is to industrialize applications of AI and VR/AR within a maintenance & service context by combining the combined strengths, knowledge and experiences of project participants, jointly analyzing where the best opportunities lie and determining how best to arrive at valuable industrial applications.

The imaginary VIA APPIA is traveled together, using the "data sharing chain" along the way to embed either AI or VR/AR applications within operational organizations and processes.

Issues involved include the deployment of these technologies in physical industrial environments, robustness of applications needed for operational deployment in the context of "decision making" and large-scale knowlegde capture and transfer against the backdrop of aging and remote working even after the COVID-19 pandemic.


In the first phase, applications will be developed through communities of practice based on shared insights. The knowledge products thus developed must then be implemented and validated within Living Labs (pilot environments within the industry). Finally, lessons learned will be shared with industry by setting up a WCM counter.P

Digital Innovation Hub

Wim Renders HTSC

The High Tech Software Cluster holds the European Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) label, with expertise in innovative software solutions for the manufacturing industry.

A prestigious label awarded by the European Commission as part of its 'Smart Specialization' policy. Digital Innovation Hubs are the 'one-stop-shops' for Europe that help companies to become more competitive with respect to their business/production processes, products or services using digital technologies.


We're going to use machines for longer and longer, so we're going to go to durable hardware and timeless software.

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