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What is the status of machine builders in the transition to Smart Industry? [RESEARCH]

The mechanical engineering industry continues to be in a state of flux. A digital transition is underway that involves both the construction and development of products as well as the associated processes. From this, a Smart Industry is emerging. In 2017, Siemens already conducted a benchmark on this theme. But where do Dutch machine builders stand at the moment? And what is the impact of the changes on the competitive environment in your sector?
Siemens transition machine builders

The impact of digitization is growing. Machine builders who embrace the concept of Smart Industry are better able to respond quickly to changing customer requirements, including by offering multiple product options in the form of modules. This not only flexibilizes production capacity but also reduces costs. In addition, innovative manufacturers are creating new business models by, for example, offering innovative remote services and offering machines not just for sale but on the basis of performance contracts.

What steps have Dutch machine builders taken in digital transformation in recent years? Do they focus mainly on costs or (also) on customers? And what business strategy underlies them? To what extent are they able to tackle the total process of design, manufacturing and service integrally digitally. And which business drivers determine whether a company belongs to the Smart Industry front group?

You can read the answers to these and other questions in this report about the benchmark survey Siemens conducted among leading Dutch machine builders. The results will give you an insight into the opportunities and bottlenecks identified by your peers. On behalf of High Tech Software Cluster member Siemens, we wish you much inspiration and wisdom in using this information for your policy decisions.



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