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Software plays vital role in life and death struggle

The heart of the respiratory systems is a high dynamic centrifugal blower, which makes it possible to ventilate any patient, from premature to adult, with one device - by changing only hoses. This is due to Demcon macawi respiratory systems' specialist knowledge of ventilation and analysis algorithms. In this article, Senior software engineer Pieter Bijleveld speaks about this product with pride.
Senior software engineer Pieter Bijleveld has worked at Demcon for 8 years, developing a variety of control software. He talks about the ventilation module that is used for newborns to adults. A product he is very proud of.

What has stuck out to you most about this project?

I think the very best part of the whole development process is the moment when you see the whole device for the first time, the prototype. In the case of the ventilation module, an artificial lung is then linked to the software I developed. That's really cool to see!

Why is this moment so special?

It is always exciting when a product is ready for the market and the software release is about to take place. This is when a patient really becomes dependent on the software. Once someone said to me, "You have to ask yourself if you dare to connect your own child or loved one to this. If not, your product is not ready for the market. If you don't trust your product, why should anyone else?

By doing so, they hope to improve an analysis process that will conclude accident or murder in drowning deaths. These types of murders are relatively common in China due to the lack of firearms.

What makes you proud of this product?

The moment your product goes to market, you let it go. That's actually a shame. I would love to see my device used in practice. How cool is it that people trust my software? The nurse doesn't have to sit with the patient all night because the product provides a notification. They completely trust what I have developed. For me as a software engineer, this is the biggest compliment I can get.

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