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5G opportunities for the manufacturing industry

KPN would like to introduce you to 5G. You will find us at the Brainport Industries Campus in Eindhoven, where together with partners we are realizing new applications with 5G for the Dutch manufacturing industry. There, in the Software Competence Center, you will see in practice how 5G indoors makes the wireless factory possible. But of course you can also learn more about it first through the video and paper below.

From wired to wireless: it's possible thanks to 5G

Because the combination of massive capacity, extremely high reliability and ultra-low latency make 5G more than just a new form of connectivity. It is the first wireless network to offer a full-fledged alternative to a wired network. Thus, 5G makes the wireless factory possible. A whole new foundation for your manufacturing environment, with a flexible production floor where machines and people are connected.



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