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Data Discovery Workshop #17


What can data do for your business? Identifying those opportunities is not always easy. During our Data Discovery workshop, we'll dive deeper into a number of real-life cases with a renowned data coach and a number of affiliated experts.

Based on our data expert, a number of cases will be discussed. Participants will be given the space to discuss their own challenges. In combination with the connected experts, the goal is to arrive at concrete action points.

From our experience we see that 70% of data projects are about cleaning, enriching and interpreting available data; you want to turn data into information, you want to gain knowledge from information, and you want to make the right decisions with that knowledge. We call this the 'From Data to Wisdom' model; as an organization you want to make well-informed, wise decisions.

The entire workshop will last approximately one and a half hours. It will be concluded with a networking lunch. The full program can be found below.


The Program

1. Welcome
2. Introduction Brainport & Data/AI
3. Introduction of expert(s)
4. Introduction round other attendees
5. Brainstorming per company
6. Closing
7. Lunch

Brainport Development has established the High Tech Software Cluster to guide SMEs in digitizing their business. Anyone who wants to know more - without obligation - about digitization in the manufacturing industry or other sector (such as medtech, agri/food, etc) can register for our workshops/sessions.

Questions can be passed on at registration so that the right experts are available for you. We offer a sounding board and advise you on making the right (follow-up) choices. No matter how small or large the problem, we are happy to help you with ideas, clear explanations and (if possible) concrete advice.

Event info

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