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Retrospective 2021: a valuable lesson in reverse thinking

There she stood. Holding a horse above her head. Singing. "Two times three is four, Wiedewiedewiet and two is nine. I'll arrange the world, Wiedewiede to my own liking." Pipi Longstocking was all fun craziness. It made me - and still makes me - happy. And that's what we need right now. I think it's good to 'let things go', to forget the lesser things and to look at the beautiful things. For some that is an early walk across the moor in the freezing cold, while the hoarfrost glistens at the rising sun. For others, it is playing games with the family or getting lost in a beautiful story at the Top 2000. Being in the here and now. Just as Astrid Lindgren made us forget everything for a while.
Retrospective 2021 HTSC

As a business owner, you're probably still closing out the fiscal year. How can you derive cheer from that? Perhaps by looking back at the three things from last year that you are most proud of as a business. I'll be honest ... I forget the latter myself quite often. I only look forward. As I force myself to do this, while my fingers move across the keyboard, a smile comes to my face. In the past year, I was not able to host groups, but instead spoke to many companies individually... about digitalization and the opportunities it can offer them. Subsequently, I was also able to help them (usually financially) to take a first step in that direction. That gave - and still gives - me a good feeling and it gives me energy.And we want to do that even more often in the coming year as High Tech Software cluster. So if you put your foot on the brake during the holiday season, you will undoubtedly come up with another great idea to take the next (digitization) step with your company. Feel free to give me a call in the coming year.

However, don't forget to involve employees as soon as possible (after the vacations!). Because, you may want to improve or facilitate something, but your people need to see that and "feel" the benefit. And... give them the confidence! So that they all start thinking like Pipi: "I've never done it before so I think I can do it". If you can pull that off, we're in for a great year.



The High Tech Software Cluster is a partnership of over 30 innovative software companies, research organizations and educational institutions that support you in making the digitization of your business affordable and practical.

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