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Free consultation for data opportunities

What can data do for your business? Identifying those opportunities is not always easy. To support entrepreneurs in doing so, the High Tech Software Cluster offers a free and independent consultation with a Data Coach.

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You have ideas about improving the performance of your company or product. Are you exploiting the potential of data in doing so? Do you know what opportunities there are in the field of digitization and the use of data to achieve your goals? And are you interested in support in making the most of those opportunities?

The High Tech Software Cluster is offering you the opportunity to engage in conversation with Data Coaches Wim Renders and Maurice Lamme.

Lamme: "Data only becomes information when you put it in context. That way facts and figures get meaning. The value is in that knowledge. Creating insight, predicting, anticipating. Every sector is in the process of digitalization, and as a result more and more data are becoming available. You use the information from that data to make better decisions and improve processes, for example. Our goal during a conversation is to identify how data could support the company's objectives. And from that follows an advice. Totally free of charge."

That advice usually consists of a concrete next step. This can be done, for example, by connecting an expert from our broad network of specialists. A data expert who can give your opportunity concrete form. And there are subsidy vouchers* available for this:


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Silver: 1 day at €1000 (Free for the entrepreneur, €1000 subsidy)

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Gold: 50% of 3 days at €3000 (€1500 for the entrepreneur,€1500 subsidy)

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Platinum: 40% of 5 days at €5000 (€3000 for the entrepreneur,€2000 grant)

*The subsidy vouchers can only be used by entrepreneurs from Brabant.


For example:

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Threshold reduction

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Data Coach Maurice Lamme

Data Coach Wim Renders

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Improve competitive position

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Cost Reduction

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Optimize processes

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Supporting arguments

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Creating Insight

What does a data Coach do?

70% of our data projects involve cleaning, enriching and interpreting available data; you want to turn data into information, you want to gain knowledge from information, and you want to make the right decisions with that knowledge. We call this the 'From Data to Wisdom' model; as an organization you want to make well-founded, wise decisions.

Artificial intelligence builds on this by also making a prediction. We do this by adding an algorithm that is able to discover patterns in data itself. Once we have established the certainty of that prediction, then you can start steering on that as a company, which means you will be ahead of the game.

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