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Magdelijn Emaus appointed director of Luminis Eindhoven

As of February 1, Magdelijn Emaus was appointed director of the Eindhoven branch of Luminis. The appointment of Magdelijn is another important step in the development of the youngest branch of Luminis. Magdelijn Emaus (35 years old) is the first female director of software technology company Luminis.
Magdelijn Emaus Luminis Eindhoven

Magdelijn has built up experience in digital transformations and innovation over the past 10 years at various employers. She started her career, after studying Business Science and Strategy at Radboud University Nijmegen, at Sogeti. Over the past 7 years at Accenture, she has held various roles including consultant in the field of mobile strategy and delivery, lead of the internal Innovation Accelerator and change manager. At Luminis Eindhoven, Magdelijn is responsible for the further expansion of services in the region of Brabant and Limburg.

Magdelijn Emaus says: "I am very enthusiastic about the knowledge and experience of Luminis and the diversity of customers where Luminis creates value. I am happy to use my broad background experience in the application of digital techniques and strategies to work with the team in Eindhoven to help our customers achieve their ambitions. Cooperation is key for me; cooperation with the region and cooperation within Luminis with all other cores. This means understanding each other's business, staying abreast of the latest techniques and innovations, listening, building and maintaining trust and always asking the best of each other. What I find so special is the way Luminis is organized and the way people are at the center. I look forward to bringing those values to the fore in both the leadership of the Eindhoven core and in our customer relationships!"

An organization of cores

Luminis strives to combine the agility and drive of small companies with the strength of large companies. In doing so, Luminis follows the philosophy of BSO founder Eckart Wintzen (1939-2008). According to him, companies are organisms made up of cells. Cells can divide so that the culture of the company can be passed on. From the Luminis branch in Arnhem, various employees are contributing to the new development and expansion of Luminis in Eindhoven. And of course we are looking for new colleagues to strengthen the team.


Luminis is a group of companies, headquartered in the Netherlands, that specializes in providing innovative solutions to business and government, primarily using emerging (information) technology.

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