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Another FD Gazellen award for Luminis

In a spectacular program, the new FD Gazelle awards were presented on 12 November 2019 at the Orpheus Theater in Apeldoorn. The FD Gazelle awards recognize fast-growing companies with a year-on-year growth of at least 20% in the past three years. Luminis is part of the category 'large companies' with a turnover of more than € 10 million.

In recent years, Luminis has grown at a steady pace. With our seven locations in the Netherlands and England, we can work closely with our customers. Our customers benefit from the knowledge and capacity of 200 Luminis employees. This size makes Luminis interesting for larger companies. In addition to our consultancy, our cloud, search and data intelligence solutions have also taken off. All these factors lay the foundation for solid growth.

Laurens Miedema, CFO van Luminis


Luminis is a group of companies, headquartered in the Netherlands, that specializes in providing innovative solutions to business and government, primarily using emerging (information) technology.

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