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Ctac joined High Tech Software Cluster

Business & Cloud Integrator Ctac N.V. (Euronext Amsterdam: CTAC) has joined the High Tech Software Cluster. This collaboration is in line with the organizational development that the Business & Cloud Integrator is undergoing, in which the company is increasingly shifting from a traditional ERP supplier to an innovative business partner.
Ctac member of HTSC
Henny Hilgerdenaar, Chief Executive Officer of Ctac: "We believe in collaborating within an innovative ecosystem. This way, the specific knowledge and expertise of different parties come together in complete end-to-end solutions." Hilgerdenaar expects to further strengthen Ctac's innovative character within the HTSC context. "For us, this offers an excellent opportunity to give innovation even more hands and feet and to work together with great companies and clients within Brainport Eindhoven, an innovative high-tech environment with international allure."

Making innovation tangible

Ctac is strongly committed to innovation. Frank Koppen, Director of Innovation at Ctac, expects the HTSC to provide every opportunity for this. "We want to translate innovation into practical use cases. We do this not only by providing cool technology, but also by ensuring that tasks, roles and responsibilities are secured in the organization so that innovative solutions become tangible and actually land." Within the HTSC, Ctac wants to collaborate intensively with parties that are involved in developing the very latest technologies and solutions. "Our extensive knowledge of the wishes and requirements of the business - where these solutions will ultimately be used - seamlessly complements that high-quality technical knowledge," states Koppen. "In this way, together we develop the high-tech solutions that the market is looking for. We can help the other parties within the cluster to create propositions and marketable solutions."

Cloud expertise

In addition to business knowledge, Ctac also adds in-depth cloud expertise to the cluster. Ctac is one of the few parties that can meet the specific cloud requirements on which the HTSC solutions run. HTSC Manager Wim Renders says: "Despite the fact that the 'cloud' still raises questions for many, there is also a great demand for expertise in secure cloud solutions for the manufacturing industry. An understudied child if you ask me, at a time when cost savings are extra interesting."


As a Business & Cloud Integrator, Ctac supports clients in realizing their ambitions. Our manufacturing experts have everything they need to realise solutions for your issues.

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