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Each company has its own language, business logic and, as a result, unique information needs. The more unique that demand, the worse standard software fits. A fully customized solution is not sensible.

beGuru is there for companies with unique information needs. The beGuru platform consists of standardized components which you can optionally extend with a customization layer. As a result, you get exactly what you need.

beGuru is a small software company founded in 2001. Unlike the majority of our colleagues, we focus precisely on companies with unique needs.

We see a great challenge in listening to the customer and developing a solution that is partially customized so that it does exactly what that business needs.

This can be an intensive process but the rewards for all involved are also many.

Our office is located in Valkenswaard but you will not find us there all the time. Our employees work part of the time at the customer's location.

This way the customer sees how long it actually takes to realize certain solutions. For our employees it is fun and convenient: if you have any questions, you are immediately face to face. This in turn benefits the quality of the end result.



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