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Do you get so fed up with all that typing over from one software package to another?
Are you still creating your management summary manually ... in Excel?
Is your business software not working exactly the way you need it to?

Finally working well again

Do you no longer want to adapt to your business software and are looking for a suitable solution?Let someone from beGuru take a look! We'd love to hear where your business software doesn't like or fit. Then we give you some options that do exactly what you and your colleagues need! We listen, advise and help you select and implement all your requirements around business software. We will help you from A to Z: until you have found that you can work comfortably again.

Doing more, with the same team

The professionals at beGuru all have extensive experience supporting SMBs in optimizing their software landscape. In the past 20 years we have helped countless companies to get more done, using the same team and machinery. We are mainly active in the manufacturing industry and business services in
the Brainport region.

Whether it's the selection of an accounting package, the implementation of ERP software or the customization of a comprehensive and smart digital production schedule, the folks at beGuru are happy to help!

Free introduction

Interested? Call us now: 040-201 12 12 and invite yourself to an introductory meeting.



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Update support

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Linking with Existing Software

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Custom software development

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Industry 4.0: what do you want to achieve with your business?

The importance of "adopt with the times" is endorsed by almost every entrepreneur. But, do you know what needs to be done for that in terms of digitization and use of software to achieve your goal? And do you know who can help you work out this question in order to take actual steps? This is often what is lacking. Brainport Development has established the High Tech Software Cluster to guide SMEs in digitizing their business. Think for example of:

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Reduce your service and maintenance costs

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Reduce the lead time of your production process

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Increase your first pass yield

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Running your business 24/7/365

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Tracking the location of components, parts, and products

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Gain insight into how to make your products smart and connected

To find out more, choose a no-obligation consultation with one of our experts or, if you already have your own ideas, a quick scan.

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