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Where to start digitizing

From digitizing to automating

In order for processes to be as streamlined and efficient as possible, it is important to start digitizing. Simply put, from paper to computer equipment, from folders to hard drives. Multiple business processes can be taken in hand in such a digital transition. For example, it is good to look at the supply chain, how are the orders exchanged with the supplier partner. But also important is your communication, especially digital communication. How do the lines of communication run within your organization? How does the registration of hours work among the staff? Is this still done via email or paper rosters or have you already thought about using certain software for this? The search for innovations for these processes will contribute to cost savings in the longer term. (Cost savings through digitization can amount to as much as 47% by 2030)

Link separate islands into one information metropolis

Many organization work with different types of business software. To be fair, it should also be said that the choice for this is very diverse. The disadvantage of using different systems/apps/software packages is that the mutual communication often falls short. These islands often have their own data structure, which means that the information does not automatically reach the other islands in the right way. Of course there are solutions for this, such as working with APIs between the various systems or choosing to place an umbrella shell over all the islands.

Digitizing from your own vision

In order not to suffer the same fate as organizations like Nokia and V&D, it is important for organizations not to be left behind in digital transformation. The reason these organizations eventually fell over is that they could not compete with new, disruptive companies. In the case of V&D, Coolblue was a good example of this, they have a fully digital strategy and understand the customer. They offer through modern technology, data and innovation software the ability to view current stock levels and track orders.

Start digitizing today

Start better from than tomorrow. Do you now have the idea that your organization still has the necessary steps to make in the digitization process. That is not at all strange, because many organizations do not know exactly where (and how) to start. The High Tech Software Cluster has various digitization experts at its disposal, who will be happy to help you on your way, free of any obligation.

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