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What can your organization do with Big Data?

Big Data, nowadays you can't escape it. Within each company or organization there are countless data streams. By collecting this data and valuing it, your organization can gain insights. Converting insights into opportunities can lead to improvement of (internal) logistic processes, cost reduction or process optimization.

Definition of Big Data

"Big data is a term used to refer to the ever-growing datasets that are too complex for humans to oversee and process with traditional software."

Big Data

The role of big data in industry 4.0

The amount of information produced by IoT and current production systems must be translated into actionable ideas and actions that deliver value. From the information gathered, one draws relevant conclusions that help improve the operations of companies in the following ways:

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Improving warehouse/logistics processes: Using algorithms to determine the most optimal route when collecting products/components in a warehouse.

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Identify improvement opportunities: By comparing processes with each other, insights arise into the course of patterns, these insights are converted into opportunities for optimization of, for example, acceleration of lead time.

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Predict customer needs: More meaningful and accurate predictions thanks to the visualization of activity through internal analysis (customer preferences) and external analysis (trends and external events) in addition to historical data. This allows the company to optimize/adapt its product portfolio.

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Predictive maintenance: The data-fed sensors identify potential failures in the operation of machines even before the actual failure occurs. This is done by recognizing deviations in patterns. The system sends a warning to the employee so that this can be responded to in a timely manner.

Modern factories in the manufacturing industry are becoming increasingly complex. This creates new challenges that can be spotted and addressed with the help of automation powered by data. The large mass of data resulting from modern computer systems and IoT have enabled smart factories to rapidly increase their efficiency. This results in significant gains for example in terms of accelerated production, increased uptime and a reduction in the margin of error.

Looking for Data Coaching?

Are you curious about how your organization can use big data to come to optimization opportunities for a more efficient production process, shorter lead times or reducing downtime? Our data coach would like to take a look with you. Request a meeting here.

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