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Survive or persevere: think about the future now!

In these challenging times, it is first and foremost important to protect and preserve your business. But beyond that, it's important to look ahead and think about how your business can be strengthened. For example, how can digitalization help you increase efficiency or increase value for your business and your customers? Experience shows that investing in your business during a marketing downturn can lead to significantly higher returns in the longer term.

Investing in R&D, new production technologies, entering new markets or acquisitions can give your company a technological edge over the competition. Investing in digitalization plays an important role in this regard.

In the near future, it is bound to happen that employees will have less work, or even go into a part-time arrangement. Your employees can use this time to gain knowledge and to gather information and inspiration about new technologies for the development of new processes, products or services.

Software Bites

The High Tech Software Cluster helps manufacturing companies digitize their production processes and create smart systems. The thirty members of the cluster help companies to get more value out of their hardware with software. Software technology contributes to the realization of smart products, services and business models. Given the circumstances, it is not possible to visit ourSoftware Competence Center, the center where visitors experience more about digitization.

Instead, our members offer "Software Bites," a program of digital learning sessions on popular topics, such as "Reduce Your Downtime with Digital Documentation" and "AI in the Manufacturing Industry for Beginners."

Question sessions

"Question Sessions" will also be offered, for anyone interested in learning more about digitization in the manufacturing industry can register. Questions can be submitted in advance so that the right experts are available during the question time.

Visit ourevents page to see when the "Question Sessions" and "Software Bites" are taking place. This offer is addressed to employers, directors and managers in the manufacturing industry (not consultants), registration is based on company email address.



Lakana Consulting helps industrial companies develop and implement a smart digitization strategy, using software to drive innovation in their business.

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