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Column: grab your winnings with poker in the workplace

Playing poker at work? Sounds a bit weird, but it fits the current way of working: agile, serious gaming and digitalization. Three hype words in one sentence.... For me, reason to usually drop out, but still I would hang on a little longer if I were you ...


This is the headline

The success of Scrum is largely determined by the efficiency that comes with strongly defined goals

This is the headline

Not only the people who shout the loudest have a say. During scrum poker, the often silent, competent colleagues are also heard.

This is the headline

On this page you can find a digital version. This means that anyone can "play poker" via their phone or tablet.

The success of Scrum - I assume everyone has heard of it, otherwise just click on the link - is largely determined by the efficiency that arises from strongly defined goals. This delineation is the start of every sprint. The whole scrum team comes together for the Sprint planning and discusses:

  • What wishes everyone wants to accomplish in the next 2-3 weeks (the next sprint);
  • How the team intends to realize those desires (user stories);
  • and how complex realizing each desire is.


You can discuss this using planning poker. In the vernacular: Scrum Poker. Everyone gets a 'stick of cards'. All members of the team can then estimate how many time units a wish (user story) will take. Estimating the complexity of each requirement provides a lot of transparency between the team members and product owner, because you can have the highest and lowest 'bidder' explain why they make the estimate.

Sometimes one person has already dealt with a similar problem and software can be reused. The other may see a number of challenges from that experience that just take a little extra time. You know for sure that you are on the same page about what needs to be done, and that saves time.

But what excites me is that now finally not only the people who shout the loudest get a turn, but often the quiet, competent colleagues are now also heard. That they also get more appreciation for their insights and good ideas. That is the real gain.

Oh yes... the third point. There is now also a digital version. This means that anyone can 'play poker' via their phone or tablet. All information can now be digitally linked to your own backlog system. Then the boring administration also disappears. Katsjing! Profit packer number 2.

Note: When you create the scrumpoker room as administrator, it is good to start with the help option in the top right corner. This will give you a short explanation on how to use the room.



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