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Etteplan acquires technical documentation company Triview Technical Communication BV in the Netherlands

Etteplan acquires Triview Technical Communication BV, a Dutch company specializing in technical documentation. Triview Technical Communication BV is located in the city of Soesterberg and has some 30 employees. The acquisition fits well with Etteplan's growth strategy as it strengthens Etteplan's leading position in technical documentation in the Netherlands. This is already the fifth acquisition for Etteplan this year.

"I see a good future for Triview Technical Communication BV and our employees as part of Etteplan, which has a strong strategy and market position. Our customers operate in somewhat different industries which brings benefits to both and allows us to offer a wider range of solutions to the customers of both companies. For our personnel this also opens new development opportunities as part of a leading international company," says Peter Stroes, the former owner of Triview Technical Communication BV.

The parties have agreed not to disclose the price of the transaction.

Etteplan entered the Netherlands through the acquisition of Tedopres International B.V. in 2012. Earlier this year Etteplan announced the opening of a new office in Rotterdam in addition to the one in Best. The today announced acquisition will boost the development of Etteplan's position in the Amsterdam region and in the middle parts of the Netherlands. After the acquisition Etteplan employs almost 120 technical documentation experts in the Netherlands.

"The acquisition of Triview Technical Communications BV is a logical next step for us when growing our business in the Netherlands. It will open up opportunities also outside our current customer base. Triview Technical Communications BV is well known in the industry and has a good track record among its customers. Together we will be the leading company offering technical documentation services in the Netherlands".



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