Software delivers the 'smart' in Smart Systems

Together we enable rapid innovation in software development, which will improve the time-to-market and the time-to-value for the high tech companies all around the world.


Engineering your Smart Systems

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World Class engineering

The strength of Dutch industry lies in high tech companies collaborating together in developing complex and knowledge intensive products for niche markets. Technological innovations will be the solution for societal challenges, like the connected cars that will solve your traffic jam problems or the 'lab on a chip' that quickly detects diseases. As such, these challenges are future proof growth markets for disruptive, high tech companies. Software plays a key role in these innovative developments.

The Brainport region is home to some of the most sophisticated software in the world. Here we have the knowledge, the skills and the competences for world class engineering of secure, robust software for Smart Systems. By applying integrated solutions we can make sophisticated technology practicable, accessible, manageable and affordable, from engineering to manufacturing and from maintenance to the optimization process.

"Simplicity is more scalable than complexity."

Hans Peter Willems, Open Advantage (member High Tech Software cluster)

Brainport: Co-creating the future

Brainport has become Europe's beating heart of high-tech, because of the unique form of collaboration which lays the foundation for open innovation. In Brainport High-tech and design go hand in hand with top-quality manufacturing, entrepreneurship and the ability to constantly adapt. This attracts talented students, knowledge workers, entrepreneurs and investors from all around the world.

Introducing the cluster

Future products become more and more complicated. By applying intelligent, innovative and integrated solutions we can make sophisticated technology.

One single company can't do all this by itself. We have to cooperate and collaborate with partners in the value chain. That's why the software companies in Brainport joined forces in the High Tech Software cluster. Together we enable rapid, reactive and disruptive innovation in software development, which will improve the time-to-market and the time-to-value for the high tech companies around the world.

"We believe that excellence in software engineering is the key to the future of Smart Systems"

Robert Howe, Verum
(member High Tech Software cluster)


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"The future of High Tech Systems will be determined by Software Development & Data"

Wim Renders, Brainport Development